Case Studies — 05 Sep 2021

Superior Document Checking for Travel, Aviation & Hospitality

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the travel industry to almost a halt. Now, as restrictions are beginning to ease and business returns, we must adapt to our new normal. With increased document requirements and safety procedures, creating a smooth, contactless, hygienic service for ID and document verification could not be more critical. 

Discover the capabilities of Regula Document Reader SDK and Face SDK and provide a quality service for your travelers. You don’t have to compromise on security to deliver seamless service.

Secure, efficient, contactless: Regula for travel, aviation & hospitality

Need requirements mean new solutions and what better time to upgrade your capabilities than now. As the world of travel reopens for business, make sure you are at the forefront of efficient, hands-free technology without compromising on security. So, what’s inside Regula’s all-in-one offering for ID and document checking. 

Regula Document Reader SDK – powered by a robust OCR engine, Regula’s Document Reader SDK transforms any mobile device into a contactless ID and document scanner. Whether you need to complete an onboarding procedure, check in a client, or book a ticket, Regula can help you do it seamlessly with just a few taps of a button. Try our free demo and see how it works. 

Regula Face SDK  – help your travellers get checked in faster and start enjoying their journey quicker. Save your staff time and worry and make your ID checking processes even more efficient. Using Face SDK, scan, photograph, analyse and compare ID photos with ease. All you need is a mobile camera, your client and their document. Then in a few quick clicks, you’re done.

How can you level up efficiency in travel, aviation & hospitality?

Travel should be exciting, not stressful. And that applies to both your clients and your staff. Level up your business and deliver next-gen service all with our SDK. Explore the power to check IDs and documents with just a few taps while ensuring security and safety at all steps. Here’s why you should choose Regula for your travel, aviation, and hospitality industry needs.

Power of efficiency at your fingertips

Equipped with Regula Document Reader SDK and Face SDK, you can simplify check-in procedures and deliver a seamless customer service experience. Cut down on costs and make your business more efficient by automating routine processes so that you can prioritize other tasks and put your clients first.

Automate data entry

Paperwork can be tedious for both your staff and your clients, and the results show it can affect your business. Recent reports highlight that the travel industry has the highest dropped online transactions of any industry. By creating a more automated, smoother process for checking out online, you can retain more clients and deliver on customer satisfaction. But that’s not all. Regula’s OCR-based technology empowers swift and efficient data entry automation across the board. Extract and use data from a variety of documents to make paperwork easier and more secure. 

Detect and prevent fraud

Fraud is growing worldwide, and no industry remains untouched. Such activity can be costly as well as dangerous for you and your clients. With Regula Document Reader SDK and Face SDK, you can prevent against various types of fraud by thorough ID and document checks. Equipped with our large database of document templates, you’ll be able to deliver instant and reliable verification. In addition, liveness and face-matching technology empowers you to provide the best security on the market. 

Powerful SDK packed with helpful features

All-in-one solution that gets results. Equipped with both Document Reader SDK and Face SDK, you get an all-inclusive solution that covers both ID and document checking. The added efficiency means you can deliver on speed and security, keeping your business safe and clients satisfied.

10K+ document database. With one of the most extensive databases in the world, Regula is primed to take on your document checking needs. Scan, extract and analyse ID and document data no matter where your clients are from. 

138 languages supported. Regula is global. Our solution covers over 138 languages and 248 countries and territories, meaning no matter where you are. We speak your language. Ensure your travel, aviation & hospitality business is ready for the world market.

Made for your business. SDK gives you all the power of custom software, with all the ease of an out-of-the-box solution. That means you can create a technology that works for you without any extra hassle.

Error-free automation. Repetitive paperwork can lead to errors, especially when your staff becomes tired or distracted. But with Regula’s seamless data extraction capabilities, you can make typos a thing of the past. Extract data and automate your processes worry-free. 

Quick, tailored technology. Our SDK-based solutions empower you to develop and deploy your technology even quicker. Get from the initial idea to the market faster than ever before.

First-class security. Protect your and your client’s data at every step. When checking IDs and documents with Regula, rest assured that we never store your client’s data. Our module for eID reading is BSI-certified and GDPR compliant, so you never need to worry.

Top-level technology at your fingertips. Your business deserves the best, and so do your clients. Empowered by the best tech around, you can do your best work. Here’s what you get with Regula: MRZ and Barcode Reading, Document Type Identification, OCR, Data Verification, Credit Card Reading, Identity Document Authentication, E-Document Authentication, Face Matching, Face Recognition, Liveness Detection, Hardware-Assisted Authentication.

Ready to take the travel experience to the next level?

Getting ready for post-coronavirus travel shouldn’t be any more stressful. As we enter the new normal in travel, equip your business with the best technology out there to get the job done swiftly, securely and contact-free. With Regula, you can easily check your clients’ ID and documents without ever psychically touching them, ensuring safety for all. If you need more convincing that Regula is the right solution for you, try our one-month FREE trial that lets you test it out and decide if it’s a good fit for your business. Get in touch with our team now to find out more.

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