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  • Pegasus Airlines Uses Regula Solution to enhance the travel experience while ensuring safety and security

Pegasus Airlines Uses Regula Solution to enhance the travel experience while ensuring safety and security

Pegasus Airline and Regula are working together to make the stress of airline travel a thing of the past, by reducing check-in and boarding times and in order to increase customer satisfaction.  Instead of costly delays caused by manual data entry mistakes or time-consuming identity verification procedures and travel document checks, Pegasus and Regula are making the travel experience faster and more secure. And the timing couldn’t be better: in the next two decades, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is anticipating air travel will double, to 8.2 billion passengers. 


At the forefront of solving these problems is Pegasus Airlines, a forward-thinking Turkish company, committed to innovation and determined to revolutionize the travel process.  Their goal is to expedite check-in and boarding by making personal data entry intuitive, fast, secure, and accurate.

To achieve this, Pegasus Airlines enlisted Regula Forensics, the global leader in identity verification.  With their cutting-edge Document Reader SDK, Regula was able to implement a solution that strikes the right combination between the highest level of security and efficiency.  The Document Reader SDK is powered by a deep OCR engine which gives rapid and accurate document and travel requirement verification from any device.  With the anticipated growth of travelers, it is imperative to recognize the languages and nationalities of IDs and documents swiftly and accurately. Having the largest database of ID Document templates on the market, Document Reader SDK performs these tasks in seconds. The database includes 10,000+ ID document templates, from 248 countries & territories, with support of 138 languages. Regula solution is also entirely on-premises, meaning it is integrated, touchless and client data is never stored or transferred to outside servers.

The Regula Document Reader SDK was successfully embedded into the Pegasus Airlines mobile application and adjusted to the existing UX/UI, offering seamless plug & play integration while guaranteeing the security of personal data and full GDPR compliance. The solution does not require a server component and is fully capable of providing real-time, fully on-device processing in offline mode.


With the help of Regula’s Solution, Pegasus Airlines has transformed the check-in and boarding process.

Their mobile app is equipped with the Regula Document Reader SDK, so rather than input data manually, the Pegasus representative simply points a mobile device camera at the passenger’s travel document  The Regula Document reader SDK then securely collects the relevant document data and in an instant verifies their identification while confirming compliance with all travel requirements.  

The app informs the representative to let the passenger board or if further action is required, the mobile app guides the airline representative through the additional steps, such as verifying visa or resident status. The Regula Document Reader SDK database also includes the affronted documents which allow them to be scanned, automating the entire process.


It is clear that in the long term, airports envision biometric technology that will create an autonomous journey, enabling passengers to complete their journeys without having to produce their passports or boarding cards.  We don’t know how soon this will happen but what we do know is that Pegasus Airlines and Regula are taking very real steps to lead the way.

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