Product Updates — 26 Apr 2022

Leave It to the Browser: Updated Web Components for Regula Document Reader SDK Fast-Track and Secure Onboarding

Regula’s solution for document verification – Regula Document Reader SDK – has got a fresh update. Now it’s capable of scanning and processing IDs remotely right in a web browser on a customer’s device. This means no time-consuming connections with a company’s servers and back again, no risk of interruption in the ID verification process, and no threat to identity data privacy. Users can indulge in a new enjoyable experience of frictionless authentication and fast access to various products and services.

This new handy feature is empowered by the addition of two web components: a document reader that is responsible for document recognition and a camera snapshot that is able to capture images from a camera or upload them from a gallery. Working together, they process images of identification documents, crop them according to boundaries, detect the presence or absence of the machine readable zone (MRZ) and extract information.

Being able to implement verification procedures right on a website, businesses can significantly improve and ease the interaction with their customers. 

  • Firstly, they speed up the onboarding process, as new clients go through compulsory checkings right on their own devices – anywhere and anytime.
  • Secondly, with this Regula Document Reader SDK update, companies get the right instruments to fast-track the launch of their own verification solutions and tools (such as dashboards, web portals, etc.), as all the necessary technologies are easy to embed.
  • Thirdly, browser-based identity verification adds to data security as it eliminates the risks connected with information transmission, i.e. an unstable Internet connection or its low quality, prolonged server response, and so on. 
  • And finally, businesses, especially those that work in industries regulated by strict personal data privacy legislation, don’t need to be preoccupied with specific data processing and storage, as they never leave customers’ personal devices.

These benefits also do good for the end users. Just like companies, they can enjoy a faster and easier onboarding process that opens up new services and products in just a couple of clicks on any device. Needless to say, users will forever forget about wearing manual filling in endless forms. Besides, customers can be sure that their personal data is not shared with third-party servers. In avoiding this, they evade risks of leakage or theft of this sensitive information.

The updated Regula Document Reader SDK supports all major browsers, both desktop and mobile ones, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. So, it indeed works on any device: a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Further technical details can be found here:

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