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How ID Verification With the Help of Passport Readers Can Benefit Your Business

ID verification solutions, commonly known as passport readers, have become prerequisites of many businesses across a diverse range of industries. Indeed, it all goes much further than a just passport check at a country’s border. Proving the authenticity and legitimacy of IDs is vital for banking and financial organizations, hospitality and aviation industries, for online education, insurance services and medical help and many more spheres.

But what is a passport reader? Modern solutions can be both hardware and software based. The first type are widely presented in the form of special devices designed solely for identification and verification purposes. As for passport reading software, it can be a standalone or an embeddable solution that may operate on a regular computer or smartphone, or could need special hardware, as mentioned above. Most typically such solutions have an OCR (optical character recognition) engine that is able to capture symbols and feed them into the system. But no matter which type a passport reader is, its main function remains the same – to extract and (in some cases) authenticate all the data from an ID: both letter characters and data in machine-readable zone (MRZ) or radio frequency identification (RFID) chips.

Regula is proud to be the developer and provider of all kinds of passport readers – both desktop and mobile devices (which the company has been gaining proficiency in for 30 years) and comprehensive software solutions that provide unparalleled quality of ID verification (including MRZ passports) combined with absolute ease of use for end clients.  

Automated passport verification allows businesses to not only simplify the personal data treatment process and comply with regulatory standards, but also expands their opportunities and stimulates further growth. Let’s have a closer look.

  • Convenient ID verification and fast customer onboarding

Scanning a document with a smartphone camera may sound too easy to be sufficient for personal data extraction and ID verification. Yet, it is more than enough. At least that’s the case with Regula software, which is capable of detecting a user as a live person and verifying their documents in just a second. This very technology of onboarding new customers is employed by Pearson VUE, Regula’s valued client and a global online testing leader, that authenticates its clients remotely via their selfies and passport verification.

Such methods of bringing in new customers are applicable in many industries worldwide. For instance, telecom operators can enlarge their client base by selling more SIMs due to a faster and simpler ID verification process.

  • KYC (Know Your Customer) Automation

Today, to be sure that your customer is exactly who they claim to be is of crucial importance for any business. Especially when it comes to remote services and procedures that tend to multiply because of issues surrounding the pandemic. Such verification is required by legislation and is indispensable for fraud prevention. KYC procedures mainly include thorough ID authentication, which presupposes accurate and reliable reading of both passports’ text lines and MRZs.  

High levels of compliance and security are undoubtedly necessary for banks and financial organizations, which need to be 100 percent sure that they are dealing with trustworthy clients. For example, Regula Document Reader SDK helps the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange to verify identification information from their clients’ documents, helping to prevent financial crime.  

  • Automated Check-In and Customer Loyalty Increases

ID scanning and verification solutions allow businesses to replace time-consuming and error-prone manual check-in procedures with a faster and much more accurate automated data processing solution. Technologies fulfill secure and reliable data extraction and passport verification in a matter of seconds – and that significantly speeds up the airplane onboarding process or check-in at the hotel. For instance, Pegasus Airline transformed their check-in process with the help of a Regula solution. Now it’s as simple and fast as this: a customer opens the application, chooses a flight and scans their ID – and that’s it! The passenger is registered. As a result of the ease-of-use and convenience, customers’ loyalty and satisfaction with a company’s service increases as well.  

  • Age Verification

A number of industries need to pay attention to complying with legal age limits required for their customers. For example, legislation states that gambling experience should be available only for persons over a certain age – so, both regular and online casinos are to strictly verify the age of their clients. The same is applicable to retailers that sell alcohol and tobacco. Thanks to an OCR engine, ID verification solutions do an age-check automatically while extracting and processing personal data from documents (including MRZ passports), eliminating cheating and forgery.

  • Restricted Access Management

Some organizations that can be identified as high security facilities (prisons, military facilities, embassies, court buildings, government offices, etc.) as well as not so sensitive ones, such as schools, for example, have to verify every visitor before letting them in. In addition, they may need to keep the ID data to comply with security regulations. And again, this type of work can be impeccably done by passport readers. A visitor management system that is based on automated ID scanning and verification is easy to deploy and maintain and it doesn’t leave space for human errors.  

However, these are but a few examples of how automated ID data extraction and verification can help your business exist and thrive. No matter what the purposes of passport checks are for, such solutions will inevitably benefit a company and deliver them with two major opportunities: fraud prevention and data entry automation that eliminates errors, saves time and reduces costs.Eager to learn more? Come and check what Regula technologies are capable of.

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