Product Updates — 17 Feb 2022

Reintroducing Face SDK: Upgraded Liveness Detection, Face Matching and Face Recognition

Biometrics plays an important role in digital identity verification. Liveness Detection and Face Matching software, in particular, assist with fraud detection and support frictionless digital onboarding.

Ensuring face recognition and liveness detection is reliable and intelligent is core to our solution. And it all started with the release of Regula Face SDK. New to Regula? Here’s a quick recap of the Face SDK.

Regula Face SDK is a technology that gives you the capabilities and security that come with biometric verification to integrate into your solution.

Regula SDK overview

Since its initial launch, we’ve worked closely with our customers to extend the functionalities of Face SDK. Today, we’re responding to the market needs and customers requests and we have an exciting update to share with you. Our Face SDK just got a facelift. The newly redesigned Face SDK allows you to enjoy liveness checks experience on any web browser.  

The web version works in conjunction with the mobile version. It can be easily embedded to any site to allow Liveness Detection, Face Matching and Face recognition checks with absolute accuracy for AI-powered facial recognition. 

With Face SDK Web Service you will benefit with:

  • Cross-platform capabilities: 

Сonduct biometric checks in any browser. We support the biggest list of browsers available: Chrome  57, Firefox: 52, Opera 44, Safari 11, Edge 16, Chromium 57, Internet Explorer 16, Mobile Safari 11, and Samsung Browser. 

  • Higher confidence in data accuracy:

You can be sure that biometric verification will be smooth and accurate even on previous versions of browsers, because not all users update browsers on their devices as soon as the update comes out.

  • Even more friendly user experience: 

New features improve your customers’ experience by providing them with cross-platform opportunities and increasing NPS and loyalty.

  • Easy integration:

Flexible integration scenarios—mobile and web implementations are available. iOS, Android, and cross-platform frameworks are supported for mobile components. Linux, Windows, Docker packages are available for service distribution. Native integration with Regula Document reader SDK.

Technical upgrades

Aside from the improvements on the user’s side, we’re constantly working on the technical side of all our products. We have updated our public documents for developers, read more on our Face comparison and Face detection pages. 

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