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Comprehensive Solution for Education

Distance learning is rapidly advancing, gaining popularity with each passing year. So much so, in fact, that the industry is set to hit a market value of $336.98 billion by 2026. And it’s not just the number of schools, universities and educational facilities that are going remote. It’s how they’re doing it. Technological advances have meant distance learning can be more effective than ever before. But that doesn’t mean it’s without challenges. Let’s take a look at how ID and document checking tech is vital for educational providers now.  

The new world of distance learning

As we learn together apart, the world is discovering how to navigate a new landscape of learning. But what does this mean for your educational facility? While many providers have adapted to the new normal with flying colors, there’s one area that demands face-to-face treatment, and that’s ID verification. However, no one said face-to-face had to be in person. Here are the three areas that ID and document verification are required.

  • Hold exams with confidence. Even if your students are not there in person, you can be sure the person behind the screen is the exam-taker. ID verification lets you match your students’ IDs with the ones you have on file.
  • Tailor user learning profiles. Every student needs a unique learning space that is their own. Technology is making it faster and easier to create complex educational systems with unique logins for every student. Regula’s ID checking power make it simple to create a robust login process for your learners.
  • Forget about admissions fraud. Hitting the headlines in previous years, combatting admissions fraud is high on the list of any Dean’s to-do list. Add extra security to your application and acceptance process with ID document checking tools. 

Complete ID document checking unlocked

With a combination of two robust software development kits, Regula’s users are empowered to deliver a more secure and trustworthy learning environment. Let’s take a look at the two technologies that go into it:

Regula Document Reader SDK – intuitively integrating into new and existing systems, Regula Document Reader SDK scans, automatically identifies the document, and checks for authenticity – all in a matter of seconds. Compare visual data with RFID, analyze, and authenticate at the touch of a button. Try it out in this free demo.

Regula Face SDK – know the person in front of the screen is the actual student supposed to be there. With Regula Face SDK you can rest assured you have the highest level oа Biometric verification.. Easy to adapt to suit your facility’s needs and requirements. Demo is available. 

How can Regula improve your educational facility’s systems?

Armed with a complete, all-in-one solution by Regula, educational providers can deliver safe and secure service with maximum transparency. Here are some of the benefits of our Document Reader SDK and Face SDK: 

Personalised access for all

Verify your students’ age, identity, and enrolment status in seconds. Using Regula Face SDK, you can instantly identify who is who and provide adequate service when needed. 

Age verification made simple

Knowing who your students are and how old they are is vital. Not only does this help you complete data procedures, but it can aid in ensuring they attend only age-appropriate facilities. 

Seamless data entry

From long enrolment forms to student loans, credit, and other paperwork, it might seem like you’re entering the same data over and over again. Complete bureaucratic processes with ease using Regula Document Reader SDK and equip yourself with the power of ID verification that is intuitive and efficient.  

Flawless KYC compliance

Education can be expensive, and especially if your student is taking on debt, then KYC is vital. You can build your tailored one. You may also employ it when offering dorms or halls of residence alongside other criteria. Our Document Reader SDK and Face SDK make it simple to collect, process, and analyze data in seconds.  

Reduced risk of error

Thousands of records, millions of files, data, documents, and more. Every college has this. There’s no doubt paperwork is laborious and prone to error. By onboarding the latest technology, you can reduce the risk of an error in advance.  

Why do you need Regula for your educational facility?

When onboarding a new technology for your educational institution, you need to be sure it’s the right one. Let us do the research for you and share what sets us apart:

  • Most expansive document database around. Including over 9,820 document templates, 138+ languages, and covering 248 countries and counting, we have the most forms of documents covered for you.
  • Made to suit your needs. Our SDK formats mean that you can tailor our technology to meet your specific needs and expectations—no need to chop and change from a pile of old software, just one seamless solution.
  • Maximum security. Your staff and student data is priceless. That’s why it’s vital it stays safe and protected. Regula SDK is secure as standard. Regula Digital Identity VErification solution is 100% on-premises. 

Want to learn more or see our technology in action? Try one month for free and explore the benefits of Regula. 

What’s next? Your quick guide on how to get Regula’s all-in-one solution

1. Get in touch. We have a team of experts at the ready to talk you through the ins and outs of how Regula works, and more importantly, how it can work for you. 

2. Let’s get building. Time to integrate Regula’s solutions to your technology or build an entirely new one from scratch. The solution is up to you. With extensive and comprehensive documentation everything is frictionless. 

3. See how it works in action. 

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